Of Mice and Owls

From April 11 – 15…..

Playing Headbandz one night – which is so much more fun now that she can read! Abbi tries to play, but it’s still just a bit above her head – but she will happily tell you what picture is on your head and end the game for you….


Brent took the girls to Chuck E Cheese one night while I was out for a girls night.


That Abbi.  You can’t take your eyes off her for a second.


Amazing prizes!!! And no surprise Abbi picked candy.


The girls and I went out for dinner to celebrate Meredith moving to Atlanta.  We went to a burger place in the Gulch and had a blast catching up.


I chaperoned Lilli’s field trip to the Owl’s Hill Sanctuary.  They learned about owls, saw some of the ones they were taking care of, we went on a hike and the kids got to have a picnic outside and run around in a field for the morning.  It was a great day for it!


A perfect spring evening at the playground.  Crockett Park has such a fun playground, it’s huge with all kinds of stuff for bigger and smaller kids.  We really have the best playgrounds and greenways in our neighborhood.


Little Miss Cutie rocking her unicorn pants.


Sweet sisters.


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