Swimming, Art and Wiggly Teeth

From April 16 – 21……

Brent took Lilli to a surprise 40th birthday party for one of our friends from East Nashville.  Thankfully their pool is heated!


Lilli with Zach and Audrey


Abbi enjoyed getting her nap in and we had a good time on the trampoline once she woke up.


She really does have great soccer form, but I think we’ll stick with gymnastics!


A nice family bike ride on the greenway.  Lilli can do quite a few miles, and Abbi will tolerate it if she gets that pacifier.  Otherwise, it’s miles and miles of screaming.


And FINALLY – Lilli had her first wiggly tooth.  So many of her friends have already lost 6 or 7 – she was thrilled to get a wiggly one!


Success at buckle-ing herself – another major milestone!!


A puppet show – kind of!


Proving you can get run over indoors by high speed cars.


Because Ben and Jerry’s lactose free ice cream is definitely worth licking the lid over!


Sometimes Lilli’s love notes are for her parents……instead of her boyfriend.


At the end of the school year all the “stuff” starts coming home and her big art packet from Art class was sent home.   She definitely gets Brent’s artistic skills.


Well then………


And one more from first grade – her self portrait……..


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