Moms Like Baseball

From May 7 – 9…..

Lilli’s first week back in swim classes.  We signed her up for two months of classes, to help her get confident in the water and pass that swim test this year!


For Mother’s Day the girls each picked out one thing for me – Lilli got me a light up bird wind chime…….


And Abbi got me a bejeweled candle holder and scented candle.  And I got myself a new patio umbrella.


Looking like a pretty little boss on our way out of church.


We had lunch at Wendy’s and I treated myself to the super rare Sunday afternoon nap.  This would’ve been a pretty cute pic, but my camera phone is always getting nasty and sweaty when I run – and ends up with lots of blurry pics! Ugh!


My other request was a nice bike ride in the afternoon.


The girls love trying on my tall boots!


We had wanted to do a baseball game for Mother’s Day weekend.  The Sounds have a nice, newer stadium we hadn’t been to yet since we’re not sports people.  The seats weren’t great on the weekend and we found a nice deal for food + tickets for Monday night. The girls were SO excited.  Sporting events mean Lilli wants to wear her hat and lipstick, and Abbi needed my purse and baby doll.


My sparkly Kate Spade does look cute on her!


We had no clue it was “Dog night”.  One entire section was full of people with their dogs.  Seriously so bizarre.


Baseball is kinda boring, so selfies help!


The new stadium really is so much nicer than the old one and the views of downtown were nice! And it wasn’t a bit crowded on this cloudy, kinda chilly night.


The chicken came by a few times.


Abbi couldn’t care less about baseball, and the only way to keep her somewhat entertained was to keep feeding the beast.  She was a hot mess of powdered sugar, cheese dip and salsa.


A ton of balls kept getting tossed out to the crowd and the group in front of us finally caught a few and gave one back to Lilli.  She was so thrilled! We had a fun time at the game and I’m glad we went, but I don’t see season tickets in our future……ever!! But it’s definitely something we’d do once a season to get out and be part of the city.


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