Rainbows and Field Trips

From May 1 – May 6…..

My goal in September was to get caught up to mid-July – oops!!! It seems the month has escaped me, again!! Maybe one day!!!

One night after dinner and before bed we had a big pop up storm on what had previously been a sunny afternoon – so we raced outside to find a gorgeous double rainbow!!!


The top rainbow is harder to see, but it was so cool to see the two rainbows!!


The bottom rainbow was so large!! This was definitely one of the prettiest rainbows I’ve ever seen.


A sweet note from Lilli. ¬†Their letter writing phase was my favorite part of first grade! Her random train of thought……love….food…wiggly teeth.


Home Depot shopping……


Lilli’s class had a field trip to an apple orchard, on what turned out to be a chilly May day! Brent went on this one since it was during my super busy budget crunch time.


All the kiddos listening….


And then they had a picnic lunch at a nearby park.


We did our first Amazon Now order one day when I was working from home. Lilli wanted to see a Honey I Shrunk movie, and we got some goldfish to help round that order out! It was crazy that it got there in less than two hours and we could track it the whole time.


Dinner at McAlisters with friends! Abbi wasn’t interesting in posing with the other girls!


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