End of the Year/Beginning of the Year

From May 15 – 19……

Another pretty spring day, another Sunday afternoon bike ride.  We started at Crockett Park and rode all the way up the greenway to Smith Park.  Lilli can pretty easily knock out quite a few miles.


On our way back there’s a steep switchback and we were going downhill.  We try to warn her to always stay on her side, but with this steep curve and the downhill she was a bit too close to the middle and met a runner who was way too close to the middle going up himself.  She freaked out and instead of breaking or going more on her side she missed the turn all together and went flying into the woods, down a steep bank.  I was right behind her and started yelling to see if she was ok – her bike went down the hill and as soon as she hit the ground she jumped up and ran out crying.  Luckily she was just fine and so was her bike and Brent went in and fished it out.  She didn’t cry much but Abbi wailed for the entire ride back (nearly two miles).  Lilli wasn’t wanting to get on her bike at first, but it was way too far for us to walk back so luckily she got over her fear pretty quick.  But she still won’t ride that part of the greenway.  And the runner didn’t even stop to see if she was ok!! We were still sitting on the bench recovering when he came back through and he reluctantly asked if she was fine.


She just had a few scratches from the brush and mostly was just scared.  Luckily no bruises or injuries worse than this!


Her front two teeth were wiggly but the adult teeth were growing in right behind and didn’t seem like they were going to be able to push these out of the way!


In first grade Abbi only got to periodically wave at the bus and see Lilli off to school.  She loved the mornings she’d get to see the bus!


Helping cook dinner one night.  She’s quite the little chef!


And it was the  last day of first grade! First grade really flew by, way faster than kindergarten did.  There weren’t as many volunteer opportunities in her classroom so first grade seemed a lot more grown up.  She had a great year, a great class, and a great teacher.  She ended up reading nearly 600 books and did so well in everything they learned.


We had to check her out early on the last day of the year – Abbi’s in school gymnastics was having a recital and it was right at the time school was letting out.  I hated to have to do that, but there wasn’t any other choice other than one of us missing the recital to get Lilli.


Lilli’s final report card – she got all S’s and 4’s – they still don’t get real grades.


And the recital – well, we could’ve skipped that.  She LOVED her in school gymnastics program.  But as soon as she saw the three of us sitting there – she started crying and just wanted to sit in my lap.  The only kid in the entire class who wouldn’t participate and show us all the fun stuff they did.  Isn’t that how it always goes??? She’d wail and scream anytime the teacher asked her to come up and just made a real show of it.


So we got to sit through a long recital of watching other kids perform while the only show ours put on involved a lot of tears.  Oh well!!!


Lilli’s school closed two days earlier than they’d planned because they didn’t use all their snow days.  That threw us in a childcare crunch since none of the summer programs could open early for that! The first day off was Brent’s birthday so he took the day off and they spent it together. They started out with some breakfast……


And then did some shopping at the mall…….


They hit up the playground!


Abbi did some post gymnastics driving…….


And of course we had cake (not pictured!) and presents.  And with that, summer had officially kicked off and one year ended and a new one began for Brent!


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