Party Girls

From May 10 – 14……

We were having some internet connection issues, which stinks when you work from home and everyone is basically on the Wifi at all times – between Kindles, Ipads, PCs, Mac and the fact that our TV is Netflix – the best way to shut us down is to take away the ‘net.  Luckily AT&T was super fast to get it fixed – and probably faster because he had a certain someone breathing down his neck.


The school year was rapidly ending and all of the “End of year” stuff started coming home for special books and projects.  Lilli really loved Miss Hinton and she was such a sweet teacher.  I love that in her picture they’re both wearing crowns! HA!


Abbi’s sunglasses phase.  She sported a lot of shades this past summer!


Loving her balance beam work!


First grade had “Market Day”.  They’d been learning about business and supply/demand.  Each kiddo had to make 10 things to sell – we did some cookies and some bracelets.  Each kiddo had to make their sign and also set their price.  They got to use their Bear Bucks (tickets they earn for good behaviors) to buy things, and then also respend their earnings in other’s shops.  It was such a cute idea and she came home with tons of cute things from friends.


For her BFF Reese’s birthday all Reese wanted this year was to have Lilli spend the night and be her first ever sleepover friend.  They are such sweet friends!


Little sister was feeling very upset and left out! Somehow the idea of having mom and dad all to herself just wasn’t exciting to her. HA!


We let her drown her sorrows at Sweet Cici’s.  And have her own Sprite.  Ice cream can cure any broken heart.


Lilli was having her own fun, that she didn’t ever want to end!


Back for swim class! Lilli had always loved swimming and was a pretty good swimmer.  Last year she was close to passing the swim test.  However, in her first class her coach had basically told them to jump in and swim all the way from shallow to the deep end (10 feet) – without even being nearby.  We’d seen her looking scared through the window – and this guy had caused her to go into an anxiety attack the week before.  She made the entire length of the pool and back, but for the rest of her previous class she wouldn’t even get in the water. So all week she’d been saying she didn’t want to swim anymore and basically laid out like a toddler when we went to class.  So frustrating that one bad coach could erase years of her feeling confident in the water! Several other kids had also developed a fear of the water and a few parents talked to us about this “coach” – who we never saw again.  The sweetest lifeguard came over and basically took her and walked around with her helping her regain her confidence.  She literally wouldn’t even let go of her the first half of class – she was that terrified.  However, thanks to Lexie by the end of class she was literally diving in the deep end and had her love of water back.  Thank goodness for GOOD coaches!


And then it finally happened – two competing birthday parties.  Abbi had a party for her friend Olivia and Lilli for her friend Abby at the exact same time.  I ended up going to the toddler party……which was mostly family and one other friend from school, Bella.


Abbi was a mess that day – the entire first half of the party she wouldn’t get in the jumpy – which was the only thing going at the party.  Then, once she wanted in she wouldn’t get out.  Literally.  When I was more than ready to head out she kept running from me and wouldn’t get out – much to the enjoyment of all the birthday girl’s family just standing around watching the 3 kids there play……So I had to toss my shoes off, climb in, throw her over my shoulder and then to keep her from running I had to keep a foot on her chest while I strapped my shoes back on.  Quite the way to leave a party.


Meanwhile…..Brent got to drop Lilli off at a festive fairy garden party on a huge horse farm on Franklin Road.  The decorations were just gorgeous and the girls made all kinds of fun crafts.


Lilli and Reese working on their fairy gardens.


They even had a piñata!  And the bonus was when it was time to go no one had to be tackled to exit! I think Brent got the better end of that deal……


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