Weddings and Summer….

From May 20 -25…

We don’t get to go to weddings too often so the girls were excited to see my second cousin Hailee get married.  She was a beautiful bride and everything seemed to go off perfectly.


I couldn’t talk the girls into trying to catch the bouquet though – I don’t think they quite new what to expect since it’s probably been about 2 years since we went to a wedding!


But they were big fans of the candy table – and it looks like Aunt Georgia was, too!


Weddings are SO exhausting!


I had helpers washing my car.  Kinda.


Lilli’s been wearing this little Tinkerbelle robe for years now! It was a gift from her best bud, Serif, I think when she was 3 years old!


This was the final week of Abbi’s daycare before they closed for good and one night they had a catered BBQ picnic at the park for the staff and all the families as a good-bye celebration.


Lilli’s first week of camp was at the Y – their “Sampler” camp where they try out a lot of the various themes for the summer and the kids get a preview of all the fun to come.  She LOVES the Y counselors and looks forward to playing with the teenager counselors so much.  They do field trips and get swim time every day, and she comes home well “exercised” for the day!  It’s a nice change from all the sitting and learning of the school year.


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