Cheekwood and Pool Time!

From May 29 – 31…..

Since we weren’t able to go out of town to the beach for Memorial Day weekend, we made our own little “Staycation” and used all our memberships to enjoy a nice Nashville weekend.

Next stop – Cheekwood for the Roots exhibit and the new playhouses exhibit.


The playhouses represented all different parts of the world and this one was an Indian style with umbrellas as the roof and was so bright and colorful…..


It was getting hot here in TN and time to start keeping the sunscreen on everyone.


This one was our favorite – a really cool but simple castle.


This one would be so relatively easy to make – it had a cute “jail” under it and flags the kids could raise and lower.  The build was so simple but also so creative!


Abbi running through the Japanese gardens.  These girls love some Cheekwood outings!


This one was Spanish inspired and had so many cool textures to it.


And this one was sweet with its lights and rope and multi-levels.


And finally…..the pool was open for the season! The water was still a little chilly but it was hot outside and Lilli was dying to show off her swim skills.


So happy to have that green band and the freedom to swim without us and a life jacket!


Baby sister soaking in some rays at the Y.  With one of her cars, of course.


Sweet, sassy and patriotic for the next day – Memorial Day.


Flying high!


The best pool nights are when it’s not crowded and you almost have the place to yourself! We tried to soak up as much pool time as we could this year since both girls really loved it.


Lilli was back at the Y for Swim Camp and we saw this sweet note she wrote to the counselors that they’d taped on the wall.  By the end of the summer the walls are full of artwork from the kids to the counselors.


Abbi had a week without a (School) home while we waited for her spot at her new school to open up.  And since they gave us such short notice Lilli’s camps were all spaced out and paid for the entire summer, so we didn’t have anything we could rearrange – AND it was budget presentation week for me, so literally the worst and most stressful week for a daycare to close on you.  But thankfully we have a lot of great friends who pitched in for us.  Abbi spent a day with her BFF Pepper. How cute are they?


Lilli was very, very jealous that she missed out on a day with the Godbys.  And you can tell what a great time Abbi had!


We met up for dinner at Baja Burrito.  Isn’t this the sweetest pic of Pepper and Lilli??


Pepper, Lilli and Serif.  Abbi wasn’t in the mood for a pic…..


Lilli and her BFF Serif.  So cute together!! And you can really see her freckles popping out after a day in the sun at Swim Camp!


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