Life at the Pool

From June 1 – 9……

Abbi spent the day with Kelly and Elizabeth and their summer nanny one day so we could work (during the week in-between her school starting)…….Once again poor Lilli was jealous her sister was having so much fun with “her” friends.


We met them at the pool that night……and right as we got there a storm moved in.


It stormed and stormed and eventually the girls just played in the rain.


Our first pool date of the summer ended up being a bust on the pool, but they still had fun playing!


Another night, another trip to the pool.  We get our Y membership’s value in the summer!


Saturday morning was Abbi’s turn to join in the swim lessons.  She was so excited to finally get her turn to learn in the pool, and it always helps knowing her big sis is a few lanes away in the older group!


Lightning bug season!


More sunny day pool selfies with my little buddy!


Only Lilli can own a unicorn swimsuit like that!


Monday morning and it was time for Abbi’s first day at her new school!


That week Lilli was at beloved Camp Widjiwagon.  And on the first day – the bus was an hour and a half late for afternoon pickup.  So that meant 1.5hours to kill in my car since we didn’t know when they’d show up and weren’t notified they were late until I’d already gotten there.  Apparently just as the buses were pulling out they thought a kid was missing, locked down the camp, and then eventually discovered it was a “phantom” kid – only in the system and not in real life.  So I killed time Facetiming with Abbi.  Also known as just talking to myself while she made faces.


Finally!! The kids and counselors sat on those hot buses the ENTIRE time! At least I had air conditioning…. (And I have lots of summer camp pics I need to download and they’ll be a separate post.)


Sleeping angel.


Another pool night!  Weeknights after work are the best times to go – small crowds and not nearly as hot.


Kirsten and I kept up our lunchtime CMA Festival ritual of walking around and enjoying the free samples.


Abbi was so excited to be in gymnastics with Elizabeth this summer! The last few cycles we haven’t been able to do the same nights but now the girls are back in gymnastics together and loving it! Abbi is also in there with one of her friends from her new school, too!


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