Partying all Summer Long

From June 10 – 12…..

Last day of Camp Widji for the summer! Considering the bus was late a few times in the afternoon that week, and we somehow ended up picking the week of CMA festival (meaning traffic for me to get from downtown to get her was NUTS all week)…..I wasn’t sad to see it come to an end! She had a great week of fishing, hiking, boating and all kinds of stuff that I’ll download pics of later for a summer camp recap.  She went with 3 school friends and one old daycare friend and had a BLAST! We’ll always do a week of Camp Widji every summer, and may add on one overnight stay next year if some of her friends do that as well.


Friday night we celebrated Pepper turning 2 at the pool with a little cake and party! It’s hard to believe it’s been two years! (On a sadder note, she was born the day that Pippin died – but at least we have one great memory on that same day!)


The two baby sisters!


You can’t beat how empty the pool is on a Friday night! It’s the best time to be there.


Pool buds.


Sweet note from Serif to Lilli.  Those two are pretty stinking cute together.  And that’s Olli in the back licking the back door, of course.


Lilli was invited to Kelly’s house for a sleepover on Saturday night.  They had all of us over for a cook-out before hand.


The girls played dress up and watched Zootopia, for probably the millionth time.


Abbi and their cat bonded before it was time to go…..and by bonded I mostly mean they hissed, growled and hid from each other.


Lilli was less then enthused to be picked up for church the next morning.  There’s just never enough playtime……


Snacks at the pool with friends!


And of course our traditional dinners out afterwards! Summers are the best because they’re just filled with friends and fun, laid back activity!


Abbi wasn’t feeling picture time, of course! She marches to her own Abbi-beat.


She does love to help though – and she and Olli are best buds.  He’s the only dog we’ve had that LOVES the hose – he loves being sprayed and drinking straight out of it! And of course Abbi doesn’t mind helping with that a bit!


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