Granny Camp!

From June 18 – 24…..

Greenway scooting and cycling – so fun to get to do some of these bigger things now that Abbi can pedal a couple of miles!


Saturday night/early Sunday morning Abbi woke up and came in our bed feeling feverish and sick.  It seemed like it could be strep so Brent took her to the walk in clinic the next morning to get her started on antibiotics – of course this was also the day of “Granny Camp” starting!!


We decided we needed to keep her home an extra day and we went ahead and opened Brent’s Father’s Day presents.  We kept it pretty simple this year – he asked for some new underwear and we really delivered. HA!


Brent took Lilli down to drop her off with his parents while I stayed back with Abbi.  And Lilli kicked off the week by getting stung by a bee or wasp or something before he had even left……


And then the next morning she was running down the hall and slipped and knocked out her other loose tooth! Between Abbi being sick, the bee sting and the lost tooth Granny Camp week was starting off in dramatic fashion!


Later that day when Brent dropped off an Abbi who was feeling somewhat better, but still had stomach problems all week either from her bug or the medicine.  (Or possibly all the Sonic slushes…..)


That crazy dog!! We ate out some nights that week, and other nights just relaxed at home and cooked in peace and quiet.  We also did a lot of work on the home gym – painting and moving mirrors from the dining room into the gym.  We tried to balance the uninterrupted time with getting a few projects done but also just RELAXING!


Abbi preferred Madison giving her her medicine all week.


And we never hear from Lilli unless she needs something – like a password.


Piling on Granny!


One night we went out on a double date with Adam and Julia.  It was so fun to meet up without the kids and have a nice dinner! It’s been years (literally!!) since we’ve done anything alone with them.  We met at Germantown Cafe for dinner and then Barista Parlor for coffee.


We had such a good time and the food and coffee was delicious, but the best part was all the laugher and good times! Such a fun night and we’ll have to do something again with them soon!


The kids had fun making slushes…..


But we had more fun at the pool without kids, reading and relaxing and chatting! It’s very rare we get some “real” pool time where we can read a book and not constantly “watch this! watch me!” and get splashed in the face over and over.  It was SO nice to just sit, enjoy some sun, read, and have good company! Granny Camp is the best!


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