That Loose Tooth!

From June 13 – 17……

After Abbi’s first week of school she had three days in a row of in-service! Every year their church hosts a very large convention so the school is closed, and of course Lilli already had camp booked for that week since we didn’t know we’d be changing Abbi’s school! So – the first day she worked from home with me.  She’s not great at keeping herself occupied, but we made it work….mostly.


The next day when Lilli woke up she felt like her tooth was extra wobbly – and it came out that morning before camp! She was THRILLED!


A new, more toothy grin!


That day Abbi went to gymnastics camp for the day.  She felt like such a big girl getting to do a camp!


Look at that big girl and her giant backpack!


That night, Lilli had a 2nd grade girls painting party at church.


They had pizza, painted two pictures and decorated cupcakes.  So fun!!!


Leaving detailed instructions for the tooth fairy…….


On the third day of inservice, Brent took off and took her to the zoo.  I think she loved being the big kid and getting to do a “date”.


On a side note, I have not one single time been lucky enough to pet the kangaroos.  Not a single time……


I think it looks like she had a good time….


She got her very first gymnastics participation medal.


She couldn’t have been prouder or more excited! She’s gotten to look at tons of them from Lilli, but finally had her own!


The old pro Lilli with her medal.


The 4 buddies! I’m not sure why Lilli is flexing, but you can tell that Abbi is clearly the most excited since the other three already had a drawer full!


Abbi was so proud she wore it to school the next day to show all her teachers! And that’s exactly why L.I.S gives out these medals!


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