Grandma Camp

From June 25 – July 1……

Saturday morning after breakfast we took a walk around Radnor Lake to enjoy our last few minutes of kid-free time before meeting Brent’s parents to retrieve the girls.  It was super crowded, but still a nice and peaceful walk.


Abbi was my shadow as soon as they arrived back.  She’s definitely a momma’s girl.


Back to normal life and pool time with friends! She picked out her first bikini this summer.  Heaven help us and that pose she already has down…..And those abs, we all want those abs.


I may have taken too long in the dressing room after the final whistle and gotten locked inside the pool gate.  Instead of walking all the way back around for some reason climbing the spiky fence seemed like a better idea at the time.  The good news is that I’m still athletic enough to do it and not get TOO scraped up.


The little sisters playing with my phone after they eat…


The big kids having deep conversations.


Monday afternoon my parents picked up the girls for Grandma Camp, which is usually right around the 4th of July.  They took them on an animal safari that the girls loved.


Of course they did some fishing.


And they were put to work around the garden.


Brent and I had another nice and quiet week – working during the day and some nights cooking and relaxing, working on the gym painting project some, and eating out a little.  One night we planned dinner out at Omni Hut with Jeff and Michelle and as soon as we showed up realized they were closed for the week for their annual break! So we had hibachi grill instead.


That was a lot of fire!!! A  LOT of fire!


No Omni Hut that time, oh well! So weird to have a picture of the grown ups and NO KIDS!


The kids had fun at Chuck E Cheese….


We tried a new burger place near our house.  Really good food, but just kinda pricey for a burger.


Afterwards we definitely had to walk that off on the greenway!



Then the next day it was back to real life with the kids – we headed to my parents house for the 4th holiday…..


Fishing, fishing and some more fishing!


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