July 4th partying

From July 2- 3…..

Abbi was up bright and early hitting the coffee….


Pretty soon the rest of the extended family was arriving for the “4th of July-ish” annual celebration.


Brent and Lilli out on a mule ride.


Later that afternoon we went out on a longer ride while Abbi “napped”, or at least tried to.


Bruce and his family had brought all their toys so we followed them down some paths and ended up in a large nearby park.


Bruce, Suzy, Cody and Lilli.


Me, Brent and Lilli.


After nap time someone caught her very first fish.  She couldn’t have been more excited! Such a big girl.


When you feed the fish and no one else really fishes your pond, you catch a lot of fish! They had these fish at the same time.


A different pair of fish.  These sisters were super proud!


We went out for a catfish dinner and on the way home picked up some firecrackers.  The kids always like doing sparklers.


With our $20 budget from Dad we managed to get some pretty good things – some Roman Candles and a few things that gave a decent “show”, mostly the kids like sparkle and minimal pop.


I finally convinced Abbi to give a firecracker a try.


Sunday morning – breakfast going on in the back and Lilli and Kacey were oblivious.  Two tired girls.  Summer is exhausting!


After church in their patriotic dresses.


Abbi was done and wasn’t much in the mood for a grandkid picture.


And on the way back to Nashville – two tired kiddos.  Two back to back weeks of Grandparent camps will wear you out!


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