July 4th, Snuggly and Vacation!

From July 4 – 8…..

On July 4th we took a hike at Smith Park before lunch.  It was HOT but a gorgeous day!


The girls starting the hike up the hill.  Abbi always likes to run ahead….and then always runs out of energy at the steepest part of the hike and wants to be carried.  Always.


Some afternoon driving.  Abbi was steering (with help) and Lilli was handling the pedals for her.


I noticed before bed that Snuggly wasn’t acting like herself – she didn’t run up for her nightly salad or make a lot of noise while the girls were getting ready for bed.  The next morning her salad was still there and she hadn’t moved – we’re not sure what happened but she had passed away.  She looked so “life like” the girls didn’t even notice before camp/school and were talking to her like normal. HA!


Since it was Thursday the girls had gymnastics so I took them and Brent went home, cleaned out and threw away the cage, and made Snuggly a little coffin.  At first Lilli didn’t believe us that she had died and then she got pretty upset about her little albino friend.  We’d had Snuggly for just over two years.  She left her a sweet note on her coffin.


Her hermit crab had died the week before so she wrote this note to herself on the fridge so she’d remember where each pet was buried.  On a side note, we’re never having another guinea pig or any animal with a cage that needs to be cleaned out.  No disrespect to the dead…..


Water play day and baby sis wanted her goggles!


She was pretty committed to the look.


And Friday night after work/school we left for vacation! This year we planned a road trip through Arkansas and Missouri to areas we’d never really explored.  Stop 1 was a night in Memphis.  It’s pretty insane HOW MUCH we have to carry along with us on these trips!


Their favorite hotel activity – riding the luggage cart back down!


Living that luxurious hotel life!


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