Vacation Day 2, Part 1 – Little Rock Zoo

From July 10….

We drove to Little Rock the night before and then woke up to head near downtown for our first stop – the Little Rock Zoo.


The Little Rock Zoo is literally the only zoo in Arkansas.  How crazy is that? Even though we’d been to the zoo the day before in Memphis, we couldn’t skip out on seeing the only zoo in the main state we were exploring for our vacation this year.


Even being the only zoo in the state it was really small.  And started out with a bird house with the nectar where you can feed them and they hop on your shoulder and head.  No, thank you.  But the girls love stuff like that.


They could probably feed the birds for hours and hours.


The zoo was full of these painted wooden photo opps.


There were lots of old looking cages and aquariums, and very little air conditioning.  It mostly looked like it was build in the 60s and never updated.


Lots of wires and fences and brown dirt.


And thankfully lots of misting stations because it was HOT.  And my meal there for lunch was one of the best I’ve ever had on a trip – I had some yummy tilapia and they had tons of healthy food – and nice contrast from most zoos that are just hot dogs and fried stuff.


And they had penguins! Which is always a win for me, and the girls!  And from there we were off to our next stop…..The Clinton Presidential Library (to come in the next post!)


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