Vacation Day 3, Part 2: Gators!

From July 11 –

After seeing the actual National Park and getting my passport stamp for my National Park book, we walked around Hot Springs and took in some of the tourist sites.  We got some over priced fudge from a shop and did a little souvenir shopping.  We decided to visit the alligator farm and skip all of the Ripley’s this and that stuff that you can find in any super touristy area.


First they give you bread to feed the hungry goats and emus (some of them we were in the same gate with and you could pet/lay on top of (if you’re Abbi) but in this pic they were feeding through the fence.)


But the main attraction was the hundreds of alligators and the promise that you can touch one.  When we came into the petting area the guy just jumped right into the alligator tun and they all started running away from him – they knew what was up.  He said these little guys are so young they won’t bite you – but our visit was about a week after the little kid was killed by an alligator at Disney, so I wasn’t interested in taking his personal advice on that one.


The girls getting to pet the little guy…….


And then he asked Lilli if she wanted to hold it by herself – she was pretty thrilled.  He was pretty squirmy but she managed not to drop it.


Then he asked Brent – he was a natural since he holds the dog this same way at home…….


And then I got shamed into doing it.  I didn’t want to do it, but there was no way I was going to let my posse do it and then chicken out!! I don’t care that his mouth was rubber banded, they’re strong little animals! Clearly Lilli was entertained by my squealing!


I held it for the photo and then gave it back!!!


From there they had cages and cages of full grown alligators outside.  They were everywhere and grouped by ages.  They also had some other exotic animals like monkeys and various tigers.


Alligators on alligators on alligators.  We made sure Abbi didn’t climb any fences because they were just all RIGHT THERE.


From there we headed onward for our destination that night.  These girls were zonked!


Our hotel for the night had a completely empty indoor pool and hot tub – and we made full use of it that night and just relaxed and played until it closed.  Every other hotel had been so full of sports teams and kids that we’d skipped the pool so the kids were excited to have one to play in.  And we all enjoyed relaxing in the hot tub!!


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