Vacation Day 5, Part 1:Bentonville

From July 13th –

“Vacationing” is a lot of work.  It’s unreal how much stuff we travel with.


First stop that morning in Bentonville was for a campus of fun stuff sponsored by the Walmart corporation and related families.  Our first stop was for their amazing Kids Museum – that was free for us with our local Adventure Science membership!


This kids museum had it all – tons of arts, crafts, play, and even a Hershey lab where you could cook stuff.


And since it’s sponsored by Walmart it had all the workings of a Walmart store and DC – including a big rig to sit in – clearly Abbi’s favorite part.


This area simulated all the picking, packing, belts and how shipping and logistics works.


Lots of fun water play…..


And of course a mock Walmart with butcher, deli, produce, registers, bakery and the works!


It also had music areas, building areas, a farmstead, outdoor play area and basically anything you could want in a kids museum.  It was probably one of the nicest we’ve ever been to and the girls could have stayed there forever.  But, since we like to torture them we had the nerve to take them to the free world class art museum next door, sponsored by Walmart.  It was a gorgeous building built in a big square with a lake in the middle with some huge fish in it.


They had tons of paintings and art pieces from artists from all over the world.  The girls couldn’t have cared less, and mostly cried and whined because they were in a space with things they couldn’t touch, didn’t care about, and weren’t interested in.  But Brent and I could’ve enjoyed it for days.


We had lunch in their awesome cafe overlooking the water.  It’s a fact that I love art museum cafe’s – they always have amazing chicken salad.  And usually fruit tea.


Rosie the Riveter.


Some of their sculptures were just beyond life like.  So amazing.


And a Dolly by Andy Warhol, one of our faves.  We’re fans of modern art like Warhol, but also all the Van Goghs and that era as well.


They also had a ton of sculpture trails and paths outside.  You could literally spend a full day or two here just exploring.


But it really was SO hot and by this point in the day the little Goldilocks was hot, tired, fussy and in total need of a car nap.  Vacation is hard stuff.


So we loaded up and headed onward to Missouri.  Thanks for a great time, Arkansas!!


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