Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts for Lilli –

She’s into Rainbow Loom and other kinds of jewelry beads and crafting kits – like this, or like this,  or this.  She and her friends are very into sharing and trading.

She got Shrinky Dinks as a gift once and loved it – it was a lot of fun and both girls would probably enjoy that.  They’re really into painting and crafting now that it’s cold and dark all the time.  They saw these Mermaid tail blankets at this store the other day and really liked them.  (Possibly they’re cheaper in other brands.)

She’s still a big Shopkins fan.  Any of the Season 5, 6 or other kits are fine – like this 12 pack.  And anything she gets that is a repeat she trades, the packs are assorted with endless options.  She doesn’t have the kitchen playset, the wardrobe, and the new dolls – the popcorn girl, sushi girl, rainbow girl, or Donut girl with truck.

She wears a Size 6 (mostly – and always in pants, some pants are size 5.) and size 11-11.5 in shoes. She is barely bigger than her sister….. She’s into Star Wars shirts/clothes, and also tall boots.  She doesn’t wear anything princess anymore or get into that stuff.  She needs more plain shirts (like plain black, white, etc) and also sweaters.  She’s got several fleece pullovers and sweatshirts, but no nicer sweaters.  Things like: Sweater, Sweater, Sweater. She is a Size Small for most Girls departments stuff (usually it’s listed as either S or 6/6X)

She’s mentioned several new games like Pop the Pig and Doggie Doo.

She doesn’t play with her American Girl much – only at sleepovers so I wouldn’t buy anything for it unless it was another outfit or something small.  She’s never been into dolls much.  And she plays with her Barbies but she has too much Barbie stuff.  I sold over half her Barbies this last fall at consignment and she hasn’t even noticed what’s gone.

She likes Lego and the girls designs, like Lego Friends like this one, this one, or this.  Really any of them – she only has a couple of kits and none of the Lego Friends.

She’s pretty easy to buy for – she also likes gift cards for things like ITunes or restaurants.  And she likes earrings and other jewelry, she’s definitely easy to please.  She reads a lot but we mostly get books at the library because she reads so quickly.

Gifts for Abbi –

She loves styling hair – Hair Styling Kit and/or Another Cute Styling Kit.

She loves her cars/trucks and that’s really about the only thing she plays with consistently.  She wants a Jeep in particular but she likes any and all cars and trucks to drive around and park.  She’s not a fan of the smaller Hot Wheels much, but the next size up.  And she doesn’t like the tracks, etc.  She carries them around in a bag and parks them all over the house.  She also likes the Cars movie and would like things like this: Truck, Set of Cars, or this truck.  Anything car related makes her pretty happy.

She always likes wearing Minnie Mouse clothing – size 4T.  She also likes Minnie coloring books, arts/crafts, stickers, etc. Her shoe size is a 9.  She is really, really into football jersey shirts – she lives in her TN Titans jersey.  It’s also pink, so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it or not, but she loves her “baseball” shirt.

She LOVES the movie Air Bud.  She’s pretty much obsessed with that dog.  There are several of them we’ve gotten from the library and the only one we own is The Golden Receiver.  She’d be happy with DVD copies of any of the others – like this 4 pack, Air Buddies, Space Buddies – really any of them.  We are always checking them out from the library and somehow it’s the only movie that’s ever taken hold with her!

Abbi also enjoys Shopkins but not as much as Lilli – it is something they enjoy doing together.  She would love the Smoothie truck.  She also likes the regular season packs.

She really doesn’t play with dolls much, unless Lilli wants to play and we have tons of that stuff.  She likes books some but doesn’t have any favorites like Lilli did and she isn’t into princesses AT ALL or anything Disney and she never plays dress up.  Cars are her main thing – you could give her a bunch of cars to play with and she’d be perfectly happy.

Gifts for Me –

I need a new larger makeup case (something along these lines) and also a smaller one for travel (smaller like this)

I’ve been looking at Clarisonic for a while and would like one of those. (I’ve read Amazon reviews and it appears there are some refurb sales there and lots of complaints so I wouldn’t trust buying it there)

I like this daily calendar for my desk.

I’m a big fan of this mug and have been watching it for a year!

This calendar for next year as well (we’re calendar people….)

Jewelry – more round, drop style earrings like this: round, or this one, this one, this necklace.  Just example of styles I like.

For Both of us –

We need new luggage, some of the newer, hardcase 360 style luggage.  Something like this, a medium or larger size.

The Ninja is supposed to be really good for making smoothies.

Gift Cards – Amazon, restaurants, Target

Brent wants this sander, and this jigsaw.  H&M clothes like this sweater, or this. (Size Med) ….And he won’t tell me anything else!

We’re always needing batteries – AA, AAA, 9 Volt, C and D for all their toys, too.

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