Summer Adventures…..

From July 23 – 28…..

It had been a long time since we’d been to Adventure Science so we ventured out one Saturday morning and got there as a show on stars was about to get started.  Apparently our membership gives us a free admission per year to the planetarium and Abbi hadn’t been yet.  We thought she might enjoy the show and that stars would be nice – except these stars were giant orbs of fire in giant screens and she was pretty much terrified, cried and whined most of the time and we barely made it through the show without her having a total meltdown.  Maybe next time……


The special pets exhibit was a bigger hit though, and the rest of the museum.


I loved this cool old door stop!


Summer means pool time with friends!


And dinner afterwards at Taco Bell, food of champs.


Just the girls!


Abbi loved riding her trike last summer.  She had gotten a minor bump in gymnastics a couple of days earlier – she fell off the trampoline and bumped her nose.  When I picked her up she had a slight red mark – the next day it was bright red and got worse a couple of days later! It didn’t hurt her at all and she was so surprised when she looked in the mirror to see a pretty rough looking nose!


We did two miles of scooting and riding on the greenway!!


I found Lilli a little sports bra and she LOVED it!


Blading and riding on the greenway.


It’s always a special treat when we get to watch a train go by while we’re out there.


And then it was time for one of Lilli’s other fave weeks of the summer – Zoo Camp! She went with Kelly and Elizabeth, and also three friends from her school.  She LOVES zoo camp and gets to experience all kinds of fun behind the scenes stuff and all kinds of animal interactions.  It’s an absolute pain to get in and out of every day since it’s not very close to the interstate, but she comes home so excited about it every time that you just have to suck it up as a parent knowing it’s just one week of the year! But she better end up being a zookeeper as a result…..


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