Back to School!

From Aug 4 – 5……

On Lilli’s last day of summer she and I had a “big girl only” day.  She’d been wanting her hair cut, and she really was in need of some major trimming up.  So instead of taking her to the usual junky kid place that pretty much just spritzes them with water and trims it I took her to see my girl at the salon.

She was pretty much in heaven the second her head hit the bowl…..


While she was getting shampooed she sat there in total little girl bliss – loving all the smells of the products, the massage, the warm water.  I seriously thought she might just fall asleep getting pampered.


And the final result – she got a lot of length taken off and Megan straightened it for her that day.


She could do whatever she wanted on her last day of break, and after we relaxed at home with some Sonic she wanted to go see the Secret Life of Pets.  It was a pretty cute movie – but not overly memorable.


And a trip to the playground to wrap up summer break…..


First day of school! I’d told her we could go to the mall and pick out a new outfit and she said she had plenty of clothes and didn’t need anything new.  I think the new haircut made her look especially 2nd grade-ish!


And with her teacher, Mrs Klein.  Mrs Klein also had two (older) daughters there at LES.


And with her BFF Reese.  They were very excited to be in class together again!


We invited Reese to come home with us after their first day of 2nd grade.  We had Sonic for lunch and they played all afternoon, catching up after a long summer apart!


That night we had more friends over to debrief from the exciting end of summer…..the little girls had so much catching up to do and the adults had plenty to talk about as well.


And the big kids had some Lego playing to do – and notes to compare on the start of 2nd grade.


Sisters, sisters……..


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