Back in the Groove

From Aug 6 – 10….

Soaking up those Sunday afternoons at the pool.  Pool days go by way too fast – one school starts the hours start shrinking and shrinking so you gotta make the most of it before it wraps up for the summer on Labor Day!


First morning waiting for the bus! This year we’ve mixed it up and I manage both girls in the morning instead of our previous “divide and conquer” with me handling Lilli and Brent handling Abbi.  Basically mornings used to be crazy and neither one of us got to work very early.  This year I’m on the later side of work but that means Brent can get out of the house pretty early and home earlier with Lilli to get dinner started.  And Abbi can get more sleep and have some playtime in the morning and that seems to go pretty well.


Evenings on the greenway – one of my favorite things to do is go for a post dinner walk, and probably one of the worst parts of this time of year is that we never get to enjoy daylight as a family on weekdays! Lilli got so many comments from people on how “cool” of a skater girl she was.  She especially loved when teenagers would notice her and comment on how cool it was to see a girl blader.  And she’s good. =)


You never know what’s going to happen waiting for the bus.


But one thing was pretty predictable – Abbi crying most every day after it left, with her sister, and without her.  The struggle is real.  Halfway through the school year and she sometimes still cries about it.  She can’t wait to get on that bus with her big sis.  (and we can’t wait either…..)


Evening walks and balance beam jumps…..


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