The Fair!

From August 11th…..

When you’re feeling all pumped after lifting weights at the gym……


and the hubby sends you back a little Gosling in response to your selfie…….


Thursday night was one of our favorites of the year – our annual trip to the Williamson County Fair! We get there as soon as it opens and this year we got unlimited ride passes for the whole family.  We knew these girls came to ride.


We got there as soon as they opened for the evening and of course we had to do some measuring so we’d know what our options are.  And basically these girls are pretty much the same height, despite 4 years apart.


Abbi didn’t want to do the Ferris Wheel, so Brent and Lilli went ahead for a spin before the lines started getting long.


Abbi really didn’t want to ride anything at first and we weren’t sure why she was being so difficult – except she is Abbi and she’s known for being difficult in the most unexpected places and times.


She finally started getting into it and she and I rode the swings several times together.


And then the Godbys arrived for our annual tradition of shutting down the fair together.


Jeff, Serif and I rode the Himalaya together – Serif was just over the mark to ride a lot of the “adult” rides this year so he got to try a lot of new things for the first time.


We walked through their farm exhibit – and of course Abbi perked up on the tractor.


And we had to do our annual pic at the end of the farm walk through.


All 4 kids really had such a good time riding together – but the big kids are starting to look huge in some of these!


Michelle and I took on the tilt-a-whirl together….


Brent and Lilli on the bumper cars…..


Abbi and Brent on the bumper cars…..


The girls on the little coaster….


The little girls on the spinning cups…..


The moms and little girls in the cupcake while the dads and big kids were in a different one…


Jeff, Serif and I rode the cyclops – I could’ve ridden that swirling, twirly thing a million times.  And I had to borrow Michelle’s tennis shoes to get on – who knew they wouldn’t allow sandals (which mine had straps) on this stuff?? Next year I’ll be prepared!


And like always we shut the place down and stayed until every ride had been closed and the police were walking us out.  It’s tradition to get a snow cone for the die home….


And of course the two big kids – another super awesome, late night at the fair.  Totally worth grouchy kids the next day.  I can’t wait to do it again this year!!


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