Late August Randoms…..

From August 22 – 27……

More skating and riding on the greenway after school.  Considering the 50 degree temperature swing since yesterday I’d love to be wearing shorts and walking on the greenway right now!


Flying through the air on the trapeze at gymnastics……


Lilli had her Open House at school and it’s always fun to hear what all the teacher has planned for the year and also see what she said about her summer.  Her new short hair dominated her “All About Me”.


With the start of consignment pre-sale season the little girls played while we took the big kids to a pre-sale and the guys watched the little kids.


Abbi and Pepper drawing…..


Abbi had her first ever PJ day at school and she was so excited.


Every day. Crying when the bus leaves.


Grandma and Grandpa stopped by for a visit and some games.


Elizabeth had her 6th birthday party at LIS.  This was Abbi’s first time to go to a party there and she was pretty shy and not having it at first.  It took her a long time to warm up to the party, but Lilli was all about swinging into the foam pit and having a good time.


At the end the birthday kid always gets to fly over the party guests – by this point Abbi had joined the group and stopped her tantrums and Lilli was mother hen-ing her.


It’s always sweet when they can get along and be sweet sisters.


Elizabeth getting to fly over her friends.


That night the girls went back to Let it Shine for Parents Night Out.  We’d seen the signs about PNO and Abbi had been old enough to go all year and we’d not taken advantage of it yet.  They had such a blast and we did, too.  It’s so much easier than finding someone to come to our house, more affordable, and the girls get to zipline, foam pit, trapeze, trampoline, and play games for 3.5 hours.  Win-win.


We got our fave take-out, took it home, watched a movie and just RELAXED at home, kid free!! Good times!


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