Labor Day-ing It

From Sep 3 – 8…..

We were at the pool on Labor Day to hear that last whistle of the season. I have no clue why the pools close so early here when it’s so warm well into October, but we didn’t want to miss our last opportunity for outdoor fun in the sun.  And really, by this point in the season I’m about done with being splashed by tons of kids multiple times a week.  Hopefully one day we’ll be able to have our own pool!  The girls had a great summer of swimming – Lilli passed the swim test and Abbi got really comfortable in her water wings and I think will take to actual swimming really well.  We’ll pick lessons back up before long!


Brent spent a lot of Labor Day weekend building a gorgeous new farm table for our dining room.


And we decided Abbi was probably big enough for her own small bike.  Lilli’s smaller bike was an older hand me down and it was really not stable anymore and couldn’t be fixed, so we went to Walmart and Abbi hopped right on this little bike and literally never got off.


You’ve literally never seen someone so proud of a new bicycle.


The next few days were spent going up and down the street and sidewalk.


And she even clocked two miles on the greenway one night!  Great exercise for Brent and I walking behind them, and good fun for them, too.  She just has to work on staying over to the side.


When you run into your bestie at Cheer and Tumble class and you didn’t expect to see her because she normally comes on a different night!  Lilli is loving Cheer class and can do a back handspring on the trampoline now and can almost do one on the floor! She loves her coaches and is in class with 3 of her best buds!


And I had a much over-due Girls Night Out to see Ann Patchett intervew Glennon Doyle Melton at the launch of her Love Warrior book at Municipal.


It had been ages since I’d seen Anna, Wendy, and Emily and we had the best time! We had dinner at Frothy Monkey first and then enjoyed the launch party.  We talked and laughed and picked up right where we’d left off.  Hopefully we can all get together soon!


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