September Fun….

From Sep 12 – 19…..

The bickering was running high on this morning before school so we took bubbles out to the bus stop.  It’s hard to fight when you’re popping bubbles on each other’s faces……


Putting them to work young – we’ve suspended our housekeeping services for a bit so everyone has to pitch in and do a little work each day to keep it clean.  None of us enjoy it but……


The one and only time she’s ever wanted to do dress up – Batgirl for the evening.  And she was super excited about that Nacho plate!


Michelle and I hung out and went to Sky Blue for lunch.  Man, this was SO good.  We need another momma date only soon!


Friday night pizza picnic at Arrington.  Such a gorgeous place to hang out.  She was lining up her cars and enjoying the view while we waited for friends to arrive.


We occupied ourselves with selfies.  Man, I miss being tan.


Once it gets dark they turn big lights on, so the big kids were out playing near the giant light.


And that was the weekend of the gas shortage.  SO crazy.  I had randomly filled up that day but Brent was practically on empty and every gas station around us (and there are dozens!!) was empty.


When he did finally buy gas that weekend there was a limit on how much you could buy and the line snaked down Concord Rd.  Most stations around us were out within 45 minutes of receiving a shipment, and most of them didn’t really even back out until Wednesday of the following week.  So crazy.


Hanging with my shadow.


Lilli working on that back flip.  I can’t wait for daylight and warmer temps so we can get back out in the yard!



A little pre-bed screen time.  Abbi is really finally starting to enjoy the Ipad.  She’s still not much on anything TV related (except Mother Goose Club and Air Bud) but she enjoys a few games on the Ipad, as well as the PBS Kids app.


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