Welcome to Pittsburgh!

From Sep 20 – 23rd……

Abbi loves her “baseball” shirt.  It’s literally her favorite shirt in her closet and as soon as it’s clean she’ll wear it again.  This was actually football day at preschool, and she couldn’t have been happier.  “Baseball” + Cat Pants = Happy Abbi.


And finally – it was time for our big adults only get-away! The first non-kid vacation we’d taken since……having kids.  Brent’s parents graciously agreed to come up and handle school and gymnastics and preschool and all their daily lunch packings and homework for us to get away for a few days.  Their first challenge – the post-gymnastics-hide-behind-the-door-because-I-don’t-want-to-leave activity.  Always a crowd pleaser.


We got to the airport, checked in, grabbed some dinner and had plenty of time to wait for our evening flight to Pittsburgh.  This was even the first time we’d flown since Abbi was born! Craziness.


Our plane had Wi-Fi so we got to do our very favorite thing – watch House Hunters International from 30K feet in the sky.


We landed in Pittsburgh at 11:30 and went to pick up our “mystery car”.  I’d gotten a great deal by saying we’d take whatever they picked, expecting it to be pretty small or whatever they had a lot of .  And they gave us a mini-van.  Seriously.  Of all times when we want something fun and small and we were in another silver van.  Ugh.  The guy couldn’t change it since it was automatically assigned, so off we went in our dumb van.


The airport is far from downtown so it took us another 45 minutes to get into downtown, once you drive through a tunnel you’re literally in downtown PIT.  It’s such a pretty town with lots of rivers and mountains nearby.


We finally got to our rowhouse at 12:30 and parking was a challenge.  The neighborhood was a up and coming area with street parking only, and our street had no parking so we had to squeeze the van in a few blocks away.  It looks like a sketchy place, but really was nice with all the homes being remodeled, a lot like our old spot in East Nashville.


This was our first time to rent from Air BnB and we were really happy with the cute house and its furnishings.


The owner was super nice and gave us several recommendations just a couple of blocks over to walk to. It was a really adorable area with lots of shops and restaurants.


We ended up going to Geppetto for breakfast – she had me at “great crepes and coffee”.  Nothing really makes me happier.  And it was SUCH a cute place.


My latte originally had pretty drawings on top and the crepes were to die for.


The decor was really cute with Pinocchio themed things everywhere and books hangings from the ceiling.  It was so cute.  From there we walked back and checked out of our little row house.  With our late flight we didn’t get to enjoy it much but would definitely recommend it and wished we had more time in this area.  We had a whole town of Pittsburgh to explore!!


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