A Day in Pittsburgh

From Sept 23…..

We had one full day to spend in Pittsburgh and after breakfast we headed over to the zoo.  We’ve always enjoyed zoos way before the kids came along and have visited a lot of the best/oldest/quirkiest ones in the US.  This one was really hard to find and overall a little disappointing.  It’s really old and it definitely shows in the exhibits and facilities, but we had a great time.  The most memorable thing – the CRAZY escalator ride in.  Once you get past the ticket line you go straight up to the top of the park.  PIT is super hilly, and the zoo was built in and around a hill.  I really don’t mind heights – but this ride was more than a bit scary.


Overall their exhibits were just animals standing in dirt.


More animals in dirt.


We decided to skip zoo food for lunch so we headed back to downtown and decided we’d eat somewhere with a view.  Downtown PIT is so pretty with all the rivers coming together and all the bridges downtown.


We ended up eating at a great outdoor Mexican restaurant right next to the baseball stadium.  There was going to be game there that evening so a lot of fans were already showing up and they were blocking off the street for a street party.  The atmosphere was a lot of fun, even if we don’t care about sports.


We took a walk over one of the bridges to enjoy the gorgeous day and the amazing downtown views.  The bridges have all these locks on them that people have put on with their initials and special dates.  It was really fun to read through them and see how old some of the locks were.


Downtown selfie.  Next time we’ll know to bring our own lock!


Another gorgeous downtown view.  If it weren’t for the awful winters and snow, I could totally live in PIT.  And the Steelers are now my team.


Our next stop in PIT was the Andy Warhol museum.  We’ve always liked his work and going to an art museum without kids where you can actually read the notes – that’s priceless.


A lot of his most famous work is in national museum’s but this museum really had everything you’d ever want to know about him.  It was several floors and chronicled his early years through death. I had no clue he’d been involved with movies or music, so I learned a ton about this quirky dude.


The floating balloons room – one of the most bizarre and also interesting exhibits.


A classic:


He also collected a ton of STUFF – and this was my favorite item from the floor of his collections.  How cool is that??


From there it was time to head out of PIT towards our hotel for the evening and continue our journey north towards Niagara.  We had such a great day in PIT and would love to spend more time there exploring.

Heinz – classic Pittsburgh!!


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