Meeting a Groundhog

From Sept 24….

We got up, ate some breakfast, and headed on our way to the home of the most famous Groundhog – Punxsutawney Phil.  It was a couple of hours out of our way, but we couldn’t be THAT close to the world’s most famous groundhog without visiting this cute and quirky town.


I love a town that can embrace what makes them famous, and Pux totally did not disappoint.  Groundhog statues were everywhere, and the town really loves that ‘hog.


This would totally be my dentist if I lived there.


We started at his Burrow – which is attached to the library.  This is where he, and a backup, are all year when it’s not Feb 2.


And there he is – a completely passed out Phil.


A little self with the Pux Phil groundhog statue – since the real one was pretty sleepy.


We shopped the groundhog stores, then had lunch at Frank’s.  It was SO good – just local burgers with home made chips.  If I’m ever there on a Feb 2 – I’m totally eating there again.


Then we drove out to Gobbler’s Knob – where all the action happens on Feb 2nd.  They have all the various press boxes and directions up, and you can completely just explore everything.


Including looking in that famous tree stump box.


And posing on the stump and playing around on the stage.  It was definitely worth the detour to cross this off our bucket list! How many people can say they’ve ever been to Gobbler’s Knob??


We continued our drive through the hills of PA and found ourselves at the world’s worst Oktoberfest.  There was nothing German about it – just a bunch of terrible craft booths and pretty bad karaoke.  We did find a good festival in Flickerwood that was more than worth the detour.


From there our last stop was the Kinzua Bridge.  It was an old, very high, suspension railroad that ran for many years before being turned into a Rails to Trails, before being wiped by a tornado and turned into a park.


Now it’s a skywalk and park with lots of trials.


It was getting dark and chilly so we didn’t do many trails, but we had to walk out on that crazy high skywalk.


They’ve left all the old bridge just as it was from when the tornado came through, so you can really see the damage.  And the leaves were just beginning to change.


Brent was less than thrilled about the glass observation floor, but he did it! It was really so incredibly high up.


Such a pretty part of the state.


From there we had a lot of trouble finding a room – it was Sat night and thanks to football, festivals, car shows, and other events we kept driving for hours before taking the last room outside of Buffalo – and naturally it had a large tub right in the middle of the room. HA! But when you’ve been turned away by dozens of places for about 2 solid hours – you pay the money!


The blue dot is where we ended up – just outside of Buffalo, NY, ready to start the next day heading towards Niagara Falls!


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