Niagara Falls!

From Sept 25…..

We woke up, had hotel breakfast amidst a ton of Buffalo Bills fans heading out to the game, and headed on our way to Niagara Falls.  We drove through Buffalo on our way.  Buffalo is right on Lake Erie but oddly enough seems to ignore the awesome lake views and instead has factories junking it up.  I totally don’t understand why it isn’t parks and greenways because the lake views really were so pretty.


Downtown Buffalo.  We decided Buffalo was a lot of gray and beige, and in my travel research we hadn’t come across anything we wanted to do there, so we kept on trucking.


As soon as we got to Niagara Falls it was tourist central! Tourists from all over the world and buses everywhere. We had decided to view on the US side and stick with activities on that side instead of paying for parking, etc in both countries.


I had been as a kid but didn’t remember too much about it, so it was fun to see it together and really take it in.  It is massive and SO loud.  The day was absolutely gorgeous for it, too.  The tall building are across on the Canadian side.


The foam was pretty amazing.


First of many selfies at the falls! Just getting a clear spot to take one was a huge accomplishment!


We decided we had to do the Maid of the Mist ride.  We decided to skip the other touristy tours, but the boat ride was a must-do for us.  We got our blue pancho (the Canadian side wore red) and waited for our boat.  We were some of the first in line for our boat and the boats run so frequently that we probably didn’t even wait more than 10 minutes.


When we went close to the American falls heading out we were on the opposite side so we watched the other people getting drenched and laughed as tiny drops fell on us.  The view was pretty amazing and it was fun thinking of all the people who had taken barrels over the falls or walked tight ropes.


And then we approached the Canadian falls.  And got closer and closer and closer.


And the boat struggled and struggled to fight to get close to this crazy beast.  And we were glad to be on the back side of the boat – but also knew this thing was about to turn around.


And oh my word.  All of the sudden on this clear, sunny and perfect day we were right in the middle of an absolute thunderstorm.  We were getting pelted by sharp drops of rain, water rushing in the bottom of the boat so your feet were soaked to your ankles and basically I went into a cocoon and became best friends with my pancho.  No longer did I think it was way too big, I rolled right up in that thing and hunkered down.


I’m not sure how long we sat right there next to the falls but it mostly felt like forever.  I was REALLY glad we didn’t have kids with us because I can assure you they would’ve been freaking out.


I don’t even know how Brent was snapping these pics – I was in total lock down.


And this is how I enjoyed the closest views of the Falls.  And somehow didn’t suffocate.


We were really glad we did the boat ride – and if you do it’s a must do.  But I’m thinking we can cross it off our bucket list if we ever go back! From there we did a little shopping and ended up skipping all the overpriced junk (I’ve never seen such crazy prices!!) and walked to the very far end of the American side of the park to overlook the falls and watch people get pelted with water on the Maid of the Mist.


The views were amazing and all the rainbows were just beautiful.  We couldn’t have picked a more perfect day to be there.  We followed the top of the falls trail and it was so crazy how the falls literally just come out of nowhere and you don’t hear it until you’re right on top of it and too late for the early settlers to turn around.


More views from the top and the Rainbow Bridge to Canada.


The very top with a view over to Canada.


We grabbed a quick bite of pizza and an ice cream cone and made our way to Canada!


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