A day in Toronto

From Sept 26…..

We had one full day to spend in Toronto sight seeing.  We could have easily spent several days, but we still had other things to see heading back towards Pittsburgh.  We bought day passes for the transportation system and headed out on the Subway.


We headed towards Chinatown and once we got off the subway we hopped on a streetcar.  Their transportation system is really confusing with things only heading one direction and you have to then change to head another direction.  We got on one streetcar that we thought would take us to Little Italy only to have him stop in the middle of the street, order us all off, and then for him to change directions.

We had breakfast at a little dinner with a very scary bathroom and then headed out to ship.  Unfortunately this day was our only very rainy, awful weather day of the entire trip.


We bought umbrellas in a little shop and made the best of it, shopping in and out of Chinatown, Old Markets, and walking up through Little Italy.


We were pretty disappointed in Little Italy – very little Italian anything was left in it, but we did find one shop with pastries and coffee to stay dry in for a little while.


Then we headed up through a trendy artsy neighborhood, shopped in their shops, and hopped another streetcar up to the waterfront area.  We had decided to skip the Tower since we knew on such a foggy and cloudy day we really wouldn’t get to enjoy much of a view.


Lake Ontario


We hopped another streetcar that eventually went underground and became a Subway.  We spent most of the day hoping we’d figure out where we ended up. =)


Even though we aren’t hockey fans we had to see where the Leafs play! And there was a mall attached so we shopped a little and stayed dry for a few minutes there, too.


We headed back up to the Theater District to eat in an Italian restaurant we’d seen the night before.


And then we grabbed some coffee at a really cool coffee shop Brent had spied – Sweet Jesus.  They had the best coffee of the entire trip – a toasted marshmallow topping on our latte.  So good!! We grabbed some dessert and headed back to our room for the evening.


We ended up walking nearly 9 miles in the rain that day!! And we took the transit system quite a bit as well! We were tired – and ready to dry off – so we cozied up in the hotel robes and propped our feet up to watch the US Presidential Debate! Probably not the best way to end any day, but at least we weren’t walking anymore!


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