A Tiny Cabin

From Sept 27th……

We woke up, spent some time in our perfect little Toronto apartment, then asked the concierge for breakfast advice.  He sent us around the block to a neat little restaurant inside an office building/mall called Marche.  It was the neatest concept – a ton of restaurants all under one roof with common seating – I went to the crepe station, Brent went to a breakfast station, then I grabbed us a cappuccino.  They put everything we got on a re-useable plastic card and when we left you went through one central cashier.  So fun, and totally delicious.  We enjoyed watching the Canadians hurry to work while we relaxed and ate.


We packed up and it was time to leave Toronto and head back to the States.  I wish we’d head more time to head to some of the gorgeous countryside of Canada, but that will have to wait for a future trip.  We enjoyed seeing the double-decker train heading into Toronto on our way out….


Until next time…..


We took some backroads through Niagara-on-the-Lake and enjoyed all kinds of small towns with view of Lake Ontario and Toronto in the distance.  It was so nice to just take an adventure with no backseat whining and stop when we wanted, where we wanted with no real agenda.


Brent had been wanting fish and chips so we found a spot where graciously the woman suggested we split a meal – and clearly that was a great idea!  We also made sure to order fresh, local fish instead of things flown in.


Last stop in Canada – the duty free store!  I had to load up on Canadian goodies for the kids since we really hadn’t seen much touristy stuff in Canada.


Welcome to the USA! We breezed through customs and came in around Buffalo, NY this time.


I had booked us a true “tiny house” for the night on a lake in Edinboro, PA, near Eerie.  It was just a few hundred square feet and was truly built as one of the new and trendy tiny houses.


The view from our front dock was pretty amazing.


We spent the rest of our daylight hours enjoying the great outdoors – sitting on the swing, reading in the chairs and……


trying out a kayak.  That worried face – that’s the real deal.  I’d really like to learn to kayak – I think it looks like fun and great exercise.  And those are two things I really enjoy.


But I do not want to learn to kayak on a chilly  and extremely windy afternoon, with chilly water below, in a lake completely full of lilypads, stumps and a bored old guy yelling at us from shore who wouldn’t leave us alone.  Those are not my ideal settings for learning.  And I’m pretty famous for not knowing which way to paddle or lean, so the whole situation wasn’t pretty.  We were getting blown so hard we couldn’t make it anywhere, so we went back to shore pretty quickly.  I’d definitely try again on a warmer day.  And maybe in a swimming pool.


The outdoors was so nice.  But I think what I learned is I’m not really a tiny house rustic kind of girl.  I’m a big fan of down comforters and bathrooms with make-up lighting.  There was nothing wrong with our tiny house, it’s just not really my style.  But it was such a fun experience.  It was so nice to prop our feet up and enjoy the lake breeze for one last night away from the kids.


We went out for Mexican food and one last visit to Tim Hortons.  What Tim Hortons is lacking in their specialty coffee they make up for in their regular old coffee.  And we know coffee.  I came back with a Canada mug and a Tim Hortons mug to help us remember our fun trip.


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