Happy Birthday to Me!

From Sep 29 – Oct 1

It was back to reality and back to real life again.  Sigh.  I can’t wait until we win Powerball and can just vacation all the time.

Lilli was back at rocking Chinese class!


Her school had its annual Fall Festival on a chilly and drizzly night.  This is our annual celebration of the PTO fundraiser.


They have lots of games and inflatables for the kids to play and win candy along with a free dinner and DJ.  The older she gets the more fun she has as she knows more and more kids and loves running around with them.


Helping her sister learn to pick locks.


The cotton candy line was long so Lilli suggested we just come home and make some cotton candy.  Such a smart kid.


The night before my birthday calls for a sneak of birthday cake and matching PJ pants.  It’s my birthday.  I can eat my favorite cake a little early.


Saturday morning I ran and Brent took the girls to Target to pick out some presents for me.


When I look back at the pictures I feel like they tend to lose their focus.


Generally these are not things I’d buy for myself for my birthday.  Hmmmm…… But the longer they’re gone the more quiet time I have!


For lunch we headed to a fall festival a church near our house hosts each year.  A lot of our college friends go there and it’s a fun time to catch up with them and see their kids and hear how they’re doing.


And the girls love all the inflatables and arts and crafts.


Opening my presents.  Only Abbi would pick out a cheetah tank top for me…..


The excitement!!! So sweet.


We had Blue Coast Burrito for dinner (my fave!) and then Brent had gotten me my favorite cake – which isn’t just one cake but a lot of little cakes from my favorite bakery in Antioch.  Nothing beats a Saturday birthday!! I had a great day ringing in the last year of my 30’s! Yikes!!!


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