Harvest Fun

From October 2 – 6……

On Sunday afternoon the girls and I went with the Godby’s to check out Cheekwood’s Fall Harvest display.  Brent’s back was hurting so he was at home in bed while the rest of us were enjoying the pretty day.


During fall, various clubs decorate scarecrows and display them throughout the garden.  This owl made out of all kinds of fun materials was my favorite.


They always have their fun pumpkin patch.  Naturally Abbi would have no part of a group shot.  Naturally.


When you and your BFF show up wearing the same shirt.  (It was planned!)


Abbi is always wanting to push a stroller, no matter how many people are in it….


Getting the house decorated for Halloween…….


We made an “emergency” trip to the mall for new tennis shoes.  Both girls feet had grown overnight and we were in need of some serious new shoes! Afterwards we treated them to Build a Bear – it was Abbi’s very first build.


They  both got a Peppa the Pig.  And they both got new light up tennis shoes, the first pair for Abbi as well since those usually don’t last for hand me downs!


Halloween in our hair and ears…..those cutie pie freckles!


Spiders on our shirt…..we kind of went with a spider theme that day!


On Thursday we checked Lilli out of school early to kick off fall break! We’d talked to Aunt Nancy a lot about visiting her cabin and finally had found a time that worked! It’s been a long time since we’ve had a family trip to the mountains.  The girls were super excited to see mountains – partly because they’re really cool and also partly because that meant the long drive was getting closer to being done.


Welcome to North Carolina!


And finally we made it up the fun hill to the cabin/lake house and got settled in for lots of days of good food.  The girls loved their loft bedroom – and luckily as much looking over the ledge as they did no one figured out how to do a flip downstairs.


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