Lake Lure, Day 1

From Oct 7….

Our first day in Lake Lure looked like this…..with that big giant hurricane on top of us.


We had expected the rain but still weren’t excited about it.  We woke up, cooked a delicious breakfast, saw a dozen turkeys cross the yard, and the headed to downtown Chimney Rock.  Lilli saw Chimney Rock…..kinda


There it is…in the clouds….


We knew the rest of our trip would have great weather so we walked around some of the trails close to the shopping district.


The great thing about traveling with Aunt Nancy is having some actual family photos!


Abbi wasn’t super thrilled about it, but that’s nothing new!


We did get a good one of the girls!


The water was really pretty, but it was so muddy and the rocks so slick, and the rain was really coming down that we didn’t stick around there too long.


We’d seen a “gem mine” and the girls begged to try it.  We’ve never done anything like that and it was dry and kid friendly so we decided to give it a go.


I’m so glad we did because it was one of their favorite memories of the trip.  They both LOVED it.  It was really inexpensive and they gave you a bucket of sand and some screens to sift through.  They had really fun gems in there of all sizes and the girls would get so excited about their “gemstones”.


We really did end up with quite a few nice things.


From there we shopped the downtown stores and enjoyed all the fun crafts.  I bought Abbi a truck and she drove it all over Lake Lure.  Ugh.  You do what you gotta do sometimes….


And up the street………


We had a really nice lunch at a cafe in downtown Chimney Rock and of course it was still storming.  Rain rarely stops us so we got umbrellas and took a hike around the Lake. We’d been dying for a closer view of it since we arrived and figured we might as well get a little wet!


The mountains were pretty in the distance, even with all the rain and clouds.


The walking path…..


By this point – we were SOAKED.  Just down to the bone SOAKED.


And this was when Aunt Nancy realized her waterproof jacket was no longer waterproof.  It really was raining THAT hard.  It was a hurricane after all…..


We got back, changed into cozy PJs, cooked a delicious dinner, and played Ipad on the porch.  It was nice to just relax and enjoy the sounds of nature…..and more rain.


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