Lake Lure, Day 2

From October 8….

After another yummy breakfast, the girls helped Aunt Nancy in her office before we left for the day.


Our plan for the day was to do some hiking up at Chimney Rock.  The clouds were moving out and it was going to be a great day to explore the mountains.  And Abbi’s dream came true – she got to ride in a real bus up to the top part of the mountain.  It doesn’t get much better than that for her.


On the top part of the parking lot – the clouds were starting to clear out and the view down below of the lake was so pretty.



Lake Lure….


Off we headed – up and down steps….


And through the trails…..


To get to the waterfall base.


Brent and Lilli exploring.


And a good one of Aunt Nancy and the girls……


After we got back from the waterfall hike we decided we really did need to do the climb to the top of Chimney Rock.  Even though the girls were tired and hungry, we knew we’d be irritated if we went all that way and didn’t get to the top.  So we crawled, cried (literally) and got carried all the way to the top.  It’s a LOT of stairs.


Finally at the top top.  Clearly, Abbi was impressed.


The view.  Very nice, and steep – hence me never letting go of the little wild one.


Stopping on the way back down for a picture….


We went all the way up there! Whew! And it turned out to be such a nice day as the clouds cleared off.


Back down in the little town of Chimney Rock we ate a bite of lunch and the girls really wanted to do the rock mining again, so we got them each a bucket.


I don’t think they’ll ever be gemologists, but they both really enjoyed finding the rocks and gems in their sand and it’s a fun thing for kids to get messy with.


Someone was a little worn out when we got back to the cabin….


We had another great dinner with Aunt Nancy and then she sealed her spot as the best aunt with late night cocoa for the girls.  Another great day of Fall Break!


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