Fall Life

From Oct 10 – 15….

We woke up, had one last yummy breakfast with Aunt Nancy, Abbi lined her halls with her cars one last time and we packed up with a car full of groceries courtesy of Aunt Nancy.


The girls with Aunt Nancy before we left.


My personal fave – a good one showing all their personalities!  We had a great time at Aunt Nancy’s and are so glad we finally got to see the cabin before she considers selling it.


We made the long drive back home.  If it were a few hours closer we’d consider buying it ourselves!


Back from vacation, trying to read while the dog tries to play.


Michelle and I had an awesome Girls Day/Spa Day before I started my new job.  We got pampered with massages, had a leisurely lunch and even went shopping at the mall.  We for sure need to do this more often than when I change jobs – especially if I stay at the new one as long as the old one (nearly 10 years – which was about 2 years too long!!)


What happens when you run back inside for gum and when you get back outside the bus has come for your sister and you didn’t get to tell her good-bye.  The heartbreak.  The drool.  The giant wad of gum.


I happened upon the library book sale right as it opened! It happens 4 times a year and we’ve gone on weekends and found good stuff, but going when it opened was MAGIC! I had no clue everything I was missing out on!


Lilli went to her bestie’s house for a sleepover.


While she was gone Abbi was coloring in some holiday catalogs.  I told her to circle what she wanted for Christmas – all she did was circle “real babies”.  Not happening, kid.


It was a little windy and we tried our best to fly a kite.


Best buds.  He’s chewing a toy on her back.  I’m really not sure why she’s in the kitchen floor other than so he can chew a toy on her back.


We dropped the girls off at Let It Shine for another Parents Night Out date night.  It was my turn to plan so I got us a reservation at Bonefish Grill to use a gift card we’d literally had for about 2 years.


This shrimp appetizer was everything.


My food was really good and light, but mostly I was just excited how cute my hair turned out that night with my curling wand.


Afterwards I wanted to go to Party City and look at Halloween stuff, so we had lots of fun looking at all the costumes and decorations.  And then we did some reading at the bookstore with coffee.  The perfect date night equals great company, good food, a nice hair day, coffee, reading and conversation.  We checked all those boxes off!


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