Pumpkin Patching

From October 17 – 22….

I started my first day at my new job and came home to lots of cute signs and pictures from the family.  Abbi’s were mostly tracings of her hands and random “A”s, but Lilli had some really cute pictures for me.  (And Brent was sweet/funny.)


“Inspirational Lilli” is a hoot.  She should have her own line of light inspiration posters….


She is a sweetie pie.


Friday night dinner date with her bestie.  They are generally more enthused than this. HA!


On Saturday we went to Gentry Farms to hit up the pumpkin farm.  There’s bigger and better pumpkin patches in the Nashville area, but this one is close and it seems like we’re always so busy around this time of year to devote a full day to driving to one of the larger ones.  And the girls enjoy this one a lot, so it’s become our standard in the years we even make it to a pumpkin patch.

First up is always the corn maze…..


We were over at the corn crib and Brent recognized Amy Grant there with some friends or family.  She’s right behind us, wearing a plaid shirt and vest over Brent’s shoulder.  So crazy!


Lilli could’ve played in the corn crib forever.


Hence, her very pouty picture in front of the pumpkin truck.


It’s pretty rare that a group shot goes bad because of her.  But when it does……


It was such a nice fall Saturday at the pumpkin patch.  We looked at the animals, they did the slides and mazes, the corn crib and of course the hay ride and other toys they have there.  And we even had some cocoa while they played with the tractors and play store.


Looking out over the hay ride and the pond.


Abbi was really happy in the Jeep while Lilli played in the tee pee and little log cabin.


Afterwards we had lunch at Tropical Smoothie Cafe for the first time (so good! a new fave for sure) and ran some errands at Lowes.  A great fall Saturday!


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