Halloween Fun

From October 23 – 27….

My workout buddy.  She loves to hold a good plank – and park her cars on her yoga mat. Ha!


I took Lilli with me to vote after she was in an apparent wind storm all day at school.  (What in the world happened to her hair??) She and I were on the same page with who we wanted to vote for, unfortunately America was not on the same page.  Or electoral college America anyway.


Some light reading.


I got these adorable dresses at H&M this year.  Executive Halloween.  Or Stewardess Halloween.  Either way – adorable.


So sweet! And Abbi looks like she’s about 16 here.


I had color coordinated and curled my hair so I jumped in for a pic.  I’m loving the curly hair options these days.


Lilli wanted a jumping shot – Abbi never could get in sync.  She had more fun watching and THEN she’d jump.


Someone was a fan of the photo shoot that day!


My first time to try Kroger Click list – someone else doing all my grocery shopping and then loading it in the car? Yes, please.  And we’ve been back every week since! It’s such a time saver.


Sweet girl with her pumpkin art.


A pretty afternoon at the park.


Getting in all those last rays of fall before winter arrived….


Abbi’s school does a Halloween program instead of a Christmas program.  To me that’s a LOT more fun and a much better time of the year to add a program into parent’s schedules! All the kids and teachers dressed up and did a parade in the parking lot.


More of Abbi’s class.


Abbi and Leila.  Abbi was Elsa this year – perfect with her long blonde hair – and Lilli’s old costume!


They had glow lights for everyone before the program.


Abbi’s class.


Abbi and “Left Shark” acting up before the song started.


She was great during the performance! She sang and did all the motions.  You just never know if she’s going to cry or perform and she was all about it that night!


Going strong!


Then afterwards all the kids got to trunk or treat from the teacher’s cars and get candy and watch Charlie Brown on an outdoor movie screen.


Trick or treating at Miss Chelsey’s car – and that’s another teacher in the dinosaur costume! So fun!! We had a great time at the program and can’t wait to go one more time next year when Abbi is in Pre-K!


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