Halloween 2016

From October 22 – 27……

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since I blogged! It’s consignment season and I’ve been busy in my “free” time selling off tons of kid stuff and cleaning this house out.  Lilli parted with most all of her smaller princess stuff, we sold the BOB stroller, and a ton of other things they just don’t need, on top of outgrown clothes.  This is the year of downsizing and getting rid of excess and we’re making a good dent so far.  If we had more free time it would be faster, but I accept it for what it is and the blog is more of a “luxury” that will basically never be caught up!

I’m still running, then and now.  I’m spending more time on free weights but still run shorter distances on week days and on the weekend fit in one 4-6 miler on either Sat or early Sunday mornings.  That hour is my most relaxing hour of the week to just unwind and push.


The girls went to Serif’s house for his Star Wars 8th birthday party.  Abbi was about to go Jedi on that great looking cake.  (Spoiler alert – it looks about 8 million times better than Lilli’s awful Darth Vader cake for her 8th birthday…..)


Pepper and Abbi playing at the party.  Best buds.  (It was a drop off party and they sent us this – so we didn’t intentionally skip taking pictures of the actual birthday boy!)


Shopping at Target and parking cars.  Her favorite.


My workout buddy, always.  I think the swimsuit is maybe a bit much, but why not?


When your dog matches your tape dispenser and your wrapping paper.  That’s what I call coordination.


Lilli also had a party to go to for her friend Grace that weekend.  Apparently Grace is her 3rd best friend.  Not that she’s counting.


Best buds.


Halloween night we decided to trick or treat with Reese (Lilli’s #1 best friend” in her neighborhood with a big group.  Our street is pretty lame and most people don’t even give out candy.  There’s so few kids and the yards so large that no one really gets into it.  So we leave a giant bowl of candy on the porch and it’s basically all still there when we get back.


We did go to a few neighbors we’re close to – “Mr Walter”, and “Mrs B”.  Captain was out of town and had brought candy over for the girls a few days earlier.


It was a lot of fun going with a big group and all the houses gave out tons of candy.  They even got juice boxes and other fun snacks.


Most of Brentwood is coded to be one acre lots or more, so there was still a TON of walking involved and poor Abbi was worn out after the first few houses and ended up getting carried, a lot.  Trick or treating in Brentwood is not for the out of shape! Lots of stairs, long driveways, and personal space out here.  Great for the other 364 days of the year.


This year Lilli was Rey (from Star Wars) and Brent wore our old Darth Vader costume.


Best buds or mortal enemies? Good vs Evil.


I was a witch….again.  Next year I’m really going to do something else.  And Abbi was the perfect little Elsa.


Death by Vader Rey.  I wish every day could be Halloween…..and luckily for me it’s really not THAT far away again!


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