From November 1 – 6….

Abbi and her little buddy Isaac.  She just loves him and takes care of him.  He gets so excited to see her and she basically mother hens him all day – pushes him on the swing and just generally makes sure he’s ok.  She’s one of the biggest kids in her class and he’s one of the smallest.  She sticks up for him and is basically his little champion.


Brent had a screw in his tire one night and you can guess who volunteered to go to the tire shop with him to get it fixed.  It doesn’t get much better than a room of new tires for her.


Lilli’s class had Business Day and she and two friends ran a business called “Spooky Puppets” where they put on puppet shows.  You could make things or provide a service.  You had to charge a certain price and you could spend your earnings on the other goods and services.  So fun.  (Brent snapped this pic when he was there earlier in the day for the monthly “All Pro Dads” meeting.)


The two wild kids.


I can’t even explain, other than “that’s Abbi”.


It was a nice Saturday morning and we played sports in the yard while Brent worked on our new dining room table. That girl has some soccer form!


Playing a little baseball.


That night we dropped the girls off at Let It Shine for Parents Night Out.  We had planned to try a burger place but they were absolutely packed so we ended up at a sushi place a few doors down that turned out to be a conveyor belt sushi shop! We’d always wanted to try a place like that so we were really excited that the burger joint didn’t work out.  They charge by the color plate and it was so fun to try all kinds of different things and they even took requests.


We tried a ton of different things and it was all so good.  It really gave us a few new experience.  And my hair was super on point that night.  I gotta figure out the loose waves again!


We did some furniture shopping afterwards.  It was our first time in At Home and we LOVED it! We got super inspired to buy new furniture and rugs for our sunroom and finish its makeover into a nice adult only space.  It was such a fun date night that Brent planned for us.


Doing a little spying on the promised land after church.  The rarest sighting in this picture is Abbi willingly wearing a dress.  Most Sundays she has on exercise pants with a skirt on top.


That afternoon we took the girls to a sold out showing of Trolls! It had just come out and this was Abbi’s second movie to go to .  She didn’t stay in her seat all that well, but we only went to the bathroom twice during the movie so that’s an improvement.


It was a great movie and most of the time when she was out of her seat it was to dance, which is understandable considering how good the music is!


When there’s four of us it’s a whole lot harder to all fit in the screen.  And there’s two crazy people making crazy faces!


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