From November 7 – 15…..

On Election Day I had to do something a little crazy so I made the girls sandwiches in the shape of Hillary Clinton using my cookie cutter I’d gotten at the Clinton Presidential Museum in Arkansas last summer.  Abbi didn’t have a clue, but Lilli was into the election this year.  Most of her comments around Donald Trump were around “why does he always look so angry” and that he is generally “a mean person”.  And she was pretty excited about the thought of a woman president.


We didn’t stay up to see the final results, but went to bed thinking things just got crazy.  Little did we even know back then!


I still believe it.  And Lilli still wears her “Madam President” shirt.  And I still think America made a pretty big mistake, BUT I can say “I didn’t vote for him” for the next 4 years.  Brent said my coffee tasted pretty bitter than morning, and that’s pretty much true.


Ironically Lilli’s Veterans Day program was the next morning.  The second grade does the Veterans Day musical each year and she’d been practicing since the beginning of the year.


She had tried out for a few “special” parts and had gotten to be part of a group and sang a duet with the other little girl there.  She did GREAT! She was confident and new all her parts and didn’t seem a bit nervous.  She’s come a LONG way from the little girl that used to scowl and try to run away in preschool during programs.  This is all such great experience for her to use microphones and be a leader and we’re so proud she steps up and tries out these new things.


And another semester of Chinese started to wrap up.  It’s hard to argue with a subject line saying your child is her favorite student!




That was a weird week of school – school was closed for both Election Day AND Veterans Day in the same week, so Brent’s parents picked the kids up from gymnastics on Thursday night for a weekend version of “Granny Camp”.  Brent made reservations for us Friday night to try the Franklin Chop House, a nice mid-priced steak house.  It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was something we had never tried and the food was really, really good.  Afterwards we went to At Home again and brought home some new furniture to try for the sunroom.

(But not any of the furniture actually in this picture. HA!)


On Saturday we did some chores around the house.  Brent was busy building our new dining room table and I always have a ton of household chores to do.  We did take a break to run up to the eye doctor and pick out some new glasses for him, but I just couldn’t help trying on some myself.  If I ever have to wear glasses – I’m totally heading in this direction.  I asked if they could keep the sample and they thought I was kidding.

Later that day we met Brent’s family at Cracker Barrel and brought the girls home from their couple of days of “Granny Camp” to round out the weekend.


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