From Nov 16 – 23…..

The table Brent built for us was really coming along and turned out so, so nice.  Here I think he was done and it was just “drying up” in the garage.


We decided we needed a good Chuck E Cheese night, so one night after school we hit up the cheese and Abbi did what she does – drive cars.


And ride trains.  It’s so weird now – they no longer have tokens and your “tokens” are loaded on a pass card that you swipe at the machine.  Which basically means Abbi walks around swiping her card on things she isn’t planning to play.  AND they charge you more to split it on cards for each of you.  And to top it off – my Deal or No Deal game was gone! They really got rid of a lot of our favorite games.  We had a good time but… was definitely missing some Deal or No Deal.


Racing each other.


Posing with the Cheese.  We literally have a family rule where we do not go to Chuck E Cheese on the weekends because it’s an absolute zoo.  But on weeknights – it’s not crowded at all and you have plenty of personal space.


I was reading Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist.  It was a really good book, it started out strong and then rambled a bit and wasn’t something I can totally identify with since I’m not a well paid author with a vacation home on a lake to retreat to, but she had a ton of great points of cutting yourself some slack in this Pinterest society.  I’m pretty sure she’s an Enneagram 1 like I am.  We have definitely taken down some chairs to make more energy and time for the things that matter.


Speaking of making time, we dropped the girls off for another Let It Shine Parents Night Out and tried a new cheesesteak place I’d noticed when I got my hair done.  The owner was so, so nice and the food was SO good.  It’s definitely going to be a new favorite.


And we did a few fun things together before hitting up a bookstore to hang out, read, talk and of course split a vanilla soy latte.  And laugh about my super cute lobster sweater.  Animal sweaters are the new IT thing this year.  Brent didn’t believe me until I showed him an entire spread of celebs wearing animal sweaters in US Weekly.  I’m always ahead of the trend.


Strong girlz!


Abbi loves a good ride up and down the street in the old truck.


The library always has a rotating art display in the main foyer. You can leave the artist a note in the guest book and Lilli loves leaving them a note.


She always tells each artist how nice their work was.  It’s super sweet.


Some of her drawings during church that I found in my notepad the next day. And she wore a long skirt that day, she’s not really a mermaid….


For a year I’ve been wanting a Kate Spade coffee mug and finally treated myself to a Christmas one – and the next morning this little blondie had her mitts on it!


When baby sisters attack……she was licking Lilli and for some reason anytime we surprise her with a lick across the street Lilli just about dies in laughter.


The day before Thanksgiving I worked from home and Lilli never left her PJs.  When she relaxes, she knows how to relax.  She binged on TV all day and then wanted us to make a cake that evening.  So when I picked up Abbi we made the crazy mistake of going to the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving.  Mercy.


Cracking some eggs with my little Top Chef Junior.  She loves the cooking shows and watching Top Chef Masters together is one of our guilty pleasures that we don’t get to do nearly enough!


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