Thanksgiving 2016

From November 24 – 27…..

This year we ended up spending Thanksgiving at home.  With my new job, Suzy hosting, and Brent’s family had some football commitments we decided to relax at home with a reservation out for lunch.  We’ve never gotten to have such a low key, relaxed holiday and it ended up being exactly what we needed last year.

We woke up and were able to relax in our PJs all morning with the sales ads and Lilli was all about that.  With no turkey to cook or car ride to take we watched the parade and just all hung out together.


I had grabbed us one of the very last reservations at Sperry’s for the holiday.  We’d seen it but never eaten there before and it did not disappoint.


Brent and I had their turkey meal and the girls had the usuals – mac n cheese and chicken tenders.  What can you do? Their turkey was so, so good and it was the perfect plate with all the basic essentials you need.  And their cranberry sauce was to die for.


Lilli loved the fanciness of the place with cloth napkins, warm and dark interior and just the overall vibe of just “fancy”.  Abbi was less impressed and had a hard time staying in her seat, but she did like checking out the bathroom about four times.


It was a great, great meal and we had so much fun checking out the restaurant scene on the holiday and seeing all the people who really have it figured out – dining out with great food and no mess to clean up! What an idea!! Afterwards we grabbed some Starbucks, and played outside to enjoy the nice fall day with our little photobombers.


Ann Patchett’s “What Now?” was absolutely one of my favorite books I read last year, hands down.  I do most of my reading from the library and ended up buying a copy of this one so I can reread it every few months (it’s just a short speech.)


And the Gilmore Girls came out with their new 4 seasons episodes.  They were good, not quite as good as I’d hoped, but it was good to see the girls again with my little buddy.


Our new couch for the sunroom came and the girls instantly had a new house to build in and decorate.  For a few weeks this was their hide-away.


Lilli came up with a mighty long list of rules for access.  I added “Have Fun!” to it at some point later.


With the passing of Thanksgiving came the anticipated return of our elf, Flower.  Lilli was already planning in advance for any misbehavior she might have, and blaming her sister.  Just the usual.


Since we were home all weekend we were able to get our holiday decor out and the house decorated! It was nice to get that done early and out of the way.


Flower was back with presents, and some advice to SHARE! and NO FIGHTING! and LISTEN! Thanks, elf.


We went ahead and let them pick out their annual ornaments from Hallmark.


I introduced them to the magic of the popcorn tin and the blend of butter, cheese and caramel – aka the Chicago mix!


They picked out these cute sleep masks at Walmart and had to get cozy.


Lilli’s friend Kelly spent the night and we made a few crafts.


Sleepover buddies.  It’s crazy to think they met 4 years ago on our very first night at gymnastics and have been buddies ever since!


Flower had a special note for them that they thought was HILARIOUS.  Lilli is STILL talking about Flower licking a donut.




It was such a nice Thanksgiving weekend.  We were able to head back to work with a decorated house and just so much more rested than normal.  We know it won’t always be that way, but it was such a welcome and needed change last year.  And I don’t think Olli hated relaxing in front of that tree!


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