From Nov 28 – Dec 2…..

Catching up, slowly but surely!

Relaxation, that’s the name of his game….sometimes.


Someone is really starting to enjoy playing on the Ipad.


Since Brent still works fairly close to our first house in Smyrna he occasionally drives by.  I don’t miss it, and definitely not now that there’s a giant hotel in the backyard.  Talk about  no privacy!


Flower brought the girls a Star Wars advent calendar.  It was probably one of her favorite gifts this year!


Brent and Lilli went to another “All Pro Dad” session before school for the month of December.


Abbi and I realized we both had on dog sweaters that day.  All the cool kids.  All the cool kids.


The night before Lilli had challenged me to a math contest.  Girl, please.  I won so she owed me lunch.  It was Friday and stuffed crust pizza day.  Let’s just say I probably won’t cash in future bets on stuffed crust pizza day again.  I love working so close to her school, it makes lunches with her super easy!


We went rug shopping at At Home.  They may have gotten off task.


Oh Flower.  You’re so crazy.


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