Christmas Randoms

From Dec 12 – 19…..

I’m working my way through December! Woo hoo!

I bought a small gingerbread kit for the kids.  They enjoy making it, but really – those things don’t taste good and just don’t serve much purpose.  So, I went small, and mostly Lilli decorated and Abbi ate candy and then we threw the whole thing away pretty much the next day.  I think gingerbread houses is really a tradition we can skip completely.


That elf can show up in some random places.  And yes, we love our fruit and eat a ton of it every week!


On Friday night we made cocoa for the girls, swung through Starbucks for us, and headed out to enjoy the holiday lights.  We started on Sunnyside drive with their big display and checked out several other neighborhoods around us known for their display.  We followed the tour buses and trolleys around for a bit to make sure we were looking at the best sights.  Gotta love Brentwood!


The Elf left the girls a note on the computer one night.  Clever Elf.


Lilli went to a birthday skating party for her buddy Emerson.  I somehow never got a pic of Emerson, but got Lilli and Reese skating.  And of course I enjoyed getting my skate on!


Lilli and Reese, BFFs for ever!


When we got back Abbi wanted to try Lilli’s old skates out.  I’m thinking this summer Abbi will really take to skating.


Date Night! We took the girls to Let it Shine for one last PNO of the year.  We wrapped up our Christmas shopping, so it was more of an errands night than a fun night, but still nice to do those last purchases without them.  And have some coffee!


A tiny smidge of a snow like substance – they played in it before church…..


And headed straight back in it afterwards.  Their favorite snow activity this year has been jumping on the trampoline with snow and seeing how “jumpy” it still is despite the snow/ice/sleet/frozen stuff.


Cuddle buds hanging out while I took Lilli out to do her Christmas shopping.


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