Countdown to Christmas!

From Dec 20 – 23…..

When Abbi wakes up really early, then promptly passes back out cold, you know she’s sick.  She had a fever and an ear infection.


She was able to be home with Brent when we got a huge surprise of some Omaha Steaks in the mail from my brother! The girls also got Amazon gift cards.  It was a great surprise on a day that hadn’t been so great with her getting sick so suddenly.


Making holiday treats has become so routine she can even do it with her skates on.


I took a half day off and went to Lilli’s Christmas party.  They decorated cookies, played games, made cards for the nursing home and basically went WILD until the final bell of the semester rang.  She and Reese were playing a game where you have to shake the bell out of your Kleenex box on your rear end.


Lilli’s traditions.  When will that baby sister start listening? We all want to know that answer!


We got home and relaxed, watching some Top Chef while we wrapped presents.  To celebrate finishing all our wrapping we were making ice cream sundaes when I dropped a jar of sprinkles on the glass cooktop and shattered it into a giant triangle with cracks running all over from it.  It was just a plastic jar of sprinkles but really must have hit it “just right”.  And by “just right” I mean in such a way to make using it pretty scary and causing us to need to start shopping for a new oven ASAP.


Brent and Lilli had a Daddy-Daughter day.  They went to the mall to do some shopping, and of course play in the American Girl store.


Nothing beats lunch in the Food Court!


We watched Home Alone.  That’s become one of our favorite holiday movies to watch as a family.  They just DIE laughing at those goofy criminals.


I had to work but both girls were off on the 23rd so Brent brought them up to have lunch with me.  We went to a diner we’d never gotten to try because it isn’t open on the weekend.  Well, we’ll no longer be sad it’s not open on the weekends.  Ugh.


The girls went to the park with Brent on a nice “winter” day.


They even ran into Lilli’s good friend Emerson and her little sister.


That night we went on a triple date with the Godby’s to see Rogue One.  We dropped the little sisters off at drop in daycare and took up a whole row in the theater with the six of us.  The movie ended up being sold out so we were SO glad we bought tickets early!


The older they get the further away they stand from each other.  Hmmmm…….


Group shot!! Such a fun night.  I think the last time we triple dated was before Abbi was born! We have to do that more often.  Definitely when Rogue Two comes out, with our Star Wars loving kiddos.


Of course Lilli and I dressed for the occasion.  I got her that super cute Princess Leia sweatshirt as an early Christmas gift.  And I sported my Darth Vader holiday shirt.  Good vs Evil!


The little sisters were so happy to see us they ran and hid and had to be drug out.


They perked up when we said we were going to Chic Fil A.  They don’t really like each other much at all…….ha!


A real friend will always cheer you on in the bathroom.  We had such a fun night all around, and it was a great way to kick off the Christmas holiday.


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