Christmas 2016

From December 25 – December 30th….

The girls woke up around their usual 7-ish on Christmas morning and came to wake us up before heading downstairs to see what Santa brought. They were super excited to see all their presents and loved all their Santa surprises, of both things they asked for and didn’t ask for.


Then we opened our family presents.  We didn’t go crazy with “stuff” this year because they have way too much junk.  But we did get Abbi her own copy of “Air Bud”.  She’s worn that one out at the library.


And Lilli got her a car that she just loved.


They both got remote control cars and it was a gorgeous day so we took them outside to run them around.  We also made some of Lilli’s rainbow looms out there and enjoyed the nice Christmas day.  We kept it low key and relaxing, and just played with new toys and stayed in our jammies and had an easy lunch.


Relaxing in our new and improved sunroom is so nice!! I love how it’s turned out so far.


That night we got packed up for “Granny Camp”.


The next day we celebrated Christmas with our families at Brent’s parents house.  Abbi and her buddy Uncle Eric spent some time outside with the cars.


This morning she told me she wants to be a school bus driver when she grows up.  I can totally see that.


We left them with Brent’s parents for a few days after Christmas so they could have some fun grandparent and cousin time over Winter Break.  We made reservations to finally try out Uncle Julio’s.  Those fajitas were probably some of the best I’ve ever had.  Clearly.


The girls were having fun doing shrinky dinks and playing cars…..


Abbi even got Granny’s villages into her city of cars….


Sherbet in a cone.  Happy girl!


Brent and I had to do some appliance shopping for the broken stove and broken dishwasher, so one night after work we finally ate at Ground and did some shopping at Lowes and Home Depot.  It was ok – still just a burger.  We did pick out a really gorgeous gas stove at Lowes, and a matching Bosch dishwasher.  It was so nice being able to shop without the impatient girls, and they were definitely having fun at Granny camp.


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