Happy New Year!

From December 31 – Jan 1, 2017!

The kids came home from Granny Camp and were ready to party with our box of New Years Eve party hats, horns and noise makers.  Most of the glasses say 2015 and earlier, but they don’t care!


We always break out some sparkle juice and fancy glasses for NYE.  This year we made our own pizzas and had some Panchos cheese dip from Sam’s go to with it.  You literally can’t beat good Panchos dip from Memphis!


We let Abbi stay up a little late, but there was no way we’d want her up until midnight! We moved the party downstairs into our cozy sunroom and played some Scribblehead while we watched Ryan Seacrest’s countdown.


Lilli was super excited to be staying up late again. It’s a major bragging point at her age.


Of course we did plenty of toasting!


We made it! Good-bye stinky, rotten 2016, hello best year ever 2017!


And literally, less than 5 minutes later, she was completely passed out.  Bless her heart.


My word for 2017 is “Joy”, so obviously the fact that Kate Spade posted this on January 1 means it’s meant to be.


Our 18th wedding anniversary – our tradition is simple.  Blue Coast Burrito.  Nothing says love like splitting some fish tacos and a side of guac.  The kids were there, we just cut them out of the snap.


Puzzle expert.


That evening we went over to the Godby’s to hang out.  Lilli was dying to play Minecraft on Serif’s new Xbox.  I don’t think I’ll ever understand the appeal of Minecraft.


Their “You can’t possibly be serious about it being time to go home” face.  You can see the tears coming from a mile away…….


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