From Jan 2 – 5…..

We started doing some family style yoga using some DVDs from the library.  Even Abbi really enjoys the stretching and the fun relaxation stuff.


Some family time at the library.  Abbi always enjoys sitting in the little fire truck and reading all the fire truck specific books.  We seriously have THE best library in the city!


Saying their Good-Byes to all the holiday decor before it got packed up for the season.


They got lots of fun arts and crafts stuff for Christmas so we had craft night and did some painting…


and Lilli did some drawing.  She has definitely inherited Brent’s artistic skill set.  Her people drawings are already way better than anything I could do!


More family yoga – ha! Getting those legs all stretched out.  I’m so glad we have a nice gym area in our house to get some family exercise in.  I don’t know what I’d do without that space – especially when I’m banging around at 5 am!


Sassy sisters! Nearly the same size as each other.  (and the duct tape cords are just for holiday lights on the staircase!)


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